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   Centre Juno Beach | Le Canada et la Deuxième Guerre mondiale 

14 mars 2011
Kingsway College (Ontario, Canada)


— 14 mars 2011

The exhibition, the guides, and the information were perfectly suited to grade 7 and 8 students (11-12 years old). I was very pleased and grateful for the personal touch shown by the staff to answer student’s particular questions.

Dawn Biljetina (professeur)


— 14 mars 2011

I really liked the introduction movie. It really gave me the feeling of what a soldier on that boat would feel like. I also liked the artefacts and the passport system in the temporary exhibit.

James G. (élève)


— 14 mars 2011

I liked the footage of the veteran commentary in the middle of the museum and the short films. There should be even more footage of veteran commentary.

Obinna O. (élève)